The tweet of True Finns Party youth a year ago leads to charges. Prosecutor General Raija Toiviainen has issued an indictment, and on the basis of this, the regional prosecutor has filed charges against three people for incitement against an ethnic group.

A text was published on the association’s Twitter account during the European elections in May 2019, stating: “Vote for True Finns so that Finland’s future does not look like this.” Pictured was a dark-skinned family.

After the uproar, the organisation admitted that the image with its accompanying texts was ill-considered and contrary to good manners.

It considered the publication of the image a blunder due to a bad idea and a communication breakdown within the association’s board.

“My tweet was thoughtless and I acted impulsively when the idea ignited. Later, I realised that it wasn’t a right thing to do, but the damage had already happened,” said Toni Jalonen, the vice-president of the organisation, in a press release.

Jalonen is one of three defendants. In addition to him, one woman and one man are prosecuted. Everyone is in their thirties.

The case will be heard in the Pirkanmaa District Court in due course.

This year, the path of the youth organisation and the main party have parted ways. At the end of February, the party announced that it would sever its ties with its youth organisation when it did not accept the change in the rules demanded by the party.

With the rule change, the True Finns Party tried to eradicate the racism and racist statements of the so-called ethnonationalist wing from the youth organisation and, from the point of view of the True Finns, anti-party activities.

After the resignation, the party founded a new youth organisation called Perussuomalainen nuoriso ry.