Samia Hagi Muse, convicted of fraud, has served on the SDP’s Helsinki District Board.

The Helsinki District Court handed down its verdict on Tuesday. The victim of the crime was the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA).

According to the verdict, the criminal activity took place in 2015 and 2016. The length of the suspended prison sentence became 50 days.

The district court only issued a judgment on Tuesday. The details of the case will be clarified when the written judgment is completed later.

Hagi Muse has previously served on the SDP’s Helsinki District Board. He was nominated in the 2017 municipal elections but was not elected.

The criminal suspicion was confirmed from the Social Democratic District Office at the prosecution stage in the early part of the year. At the time, Hagi Muse denied that she knew anything about the case.

Laura Ylitalo, Executive Director of the District Office, confirms that Hagi Muse resigned from all her positions of trust after the matter became public.

Following the sentence, Hagi Muse did not wish to comment.

The judgment of the district court is not yet final.