Helsinki police suspect one public officer of fraud and failure to carry out one’s official duties in a case concerning the procurement of Katri Kulmuni’s communications training from the communications agency Tekir Oy. Police announced on Tuesday that it has completed a preliminary report of the matter.

Teemu Jokinen, the Detective Chief Inspector who made the preliminary report, says that there is reason to suspect a crime in the matter, so the police will start a preliminary investigation.

There is currently one public officer on suspicion. According to the police, according to the preliminary report, the suspect has participated extensively in training purchases.

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Jokinen emphasises that this is only a criminal suspicion, although the preliminary report found concrete grounds for initiating a preliminary investigation.

Jokinen does not confirm the name of the suspect. A public officer means a person in an official employment relationship. The Minister is not like this.

Last week, the internal audit of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy recommended further measures due to billing ambiguities in communications training. The Ministry named Tekir Oy, which provided the training, and Kari Jääskeläinen, Minister Kulmuni’s special assistant, as the target for further measures.

Yle reached Jääskeläinen by text message and asked him to comment on the preliminary investigation initiated by the police. Jääskeläinen replied with a text message: “I don’t know anything about it.”

On 5 June, ambiguities regarding communications training procurement led to Katri Kulmuni resigning as Minister of Finance.

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