Customs says it is investigating two series of drug offenses in which marijuana has been sent from Spain to Finland as express cargo.

A total of about 207 kilograms of marijuana have been shipped, of which about 173 kilograms were distributed. Its value in the street trade is estimated at more than three million euros. The crimes were committed during 2019 and 2020.

In the first tangle examined, eight consignments containing about 50 pounds of marijuana were shipped. According to Customs, the way in which the consignments were packaged suggests that the import of drugs was planned and the persons involved were the same. In Finland, shipments were addressed to private individuals and private addresses.

About 43 kilos ended up being spread from 50 kilos. During the preliminary investigation of the case, six Finnish citizens between the ages of 30 and 40 have been arrested and remanded in custody.

Until the prosecution, a series of crimes has progressed, in which between November 2019 and March 2020, 18 express consignments containing approximately 157 kilos of drugs were sent to Finland. The names and personal details of the suspects and outsiders were used to receive the shipments.

Part of the 18 express consignments was allocated to apartments for rent through the Airbnb website.

Of this 157 kilos, about 130 kilos of marijuana were distributed, its street value being more than 2.3 million euros. Customs confiscated approximately EUR 75,000 in cash during the preliminary investigation. The cash is suspected to come from the drug trade.

Two Danish-born people in the 1990s are suspected of a criminal case that has progressed to prosecution. According to Customs, the suspects had travelled to Finland to receive consignments at least in Lahti, Kotka and Vastila.