A Facebook user from East Helsinki posted an image of a movie money to a Helsinki Facebook group, warning people to remain vigilant.

“It is worth checking the change you receive. So as not to get into an embarrassing situation in the shop, at least. Eateries don’t always seem to check the banknotes,” the Facebook user writes in the post.

He had acquired the counterfeit banknote from Rastila’s Hesburger.

“We have found as many as two of these in the cash register in McDonald’s Herttoniemi. You can be pretty blind if you don’t recognize it as a fake. Quite a different material,” another user commented below the post.

The punishment for counterfeiting is severe, minimum sentence being 4 months of imprisonment.

“Whoever makes counterfeit money or counterfeits money in order to put it into circulation or, for that purpose, imports, exports, acquires, receives, transports or transfers to another money which he knows to be counterfeit or forged shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than four months and not more than four years.”

Even transporting the counterfeit banknote alone is enough to be classified as a felony.

All encounters of counterfeit money are advised to be reported to the law enforcement officers.