Helsinki is getting a new event arena in Suvilahti.

The City of Helsinki is negotiating the granting of a development reserve to Suvilahti Event Hub for a plot in Suvilahti.

In the background is the city’s goal of developing the area known for its summer festivals into a year-round event and cultural area.

The reservation concerns a plot located in the northeast corner of Suvilahti, for which an architectural competition will be organized for the arena to be built.

Suvilahti Event Hub is influenced by TV producer-director Aarni Kuorikoski, event veteran Jyrki Hytti and entertainment multi-talented Mikko Leppilampi.

The Suvilahti area is known for the Tuska and Flow music events held in the summer, among other things. Next summer, however, both events have been cancelled, Flow announced today that it will not be held and Tuska has already.

Helsinki currently has an opening the size of a medium-sized event arena when Nosturi, Circus and Virgin Oil had to give up their facilities.

In addition to music events, the company, which is negotiating the Suvilahti development reserve, is also planning corporate events and conferences, as well as productions in the TV, game and film industries, says the group behind the idea.

The initiator of the project, Mikko Leppilampi, says that he has approached various actors in the area on a broad front, who have given their support to the idea. He says he is pleased that after several years and different phases, Helsinki is ready to propose a development reserve for the project.

“We have considered it crucial that the common problem has been solved together. When users design for themselves, a functional and sustainable one is created.”