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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Advertising in The Finland Herald

The Finland Herald is an independent online newspaper, which does not have any other source for income than possible advertisements. Though the publication is still new and its reader amounts are still modest, The Finland Herald would appreciate the opportunity to display advertisements and also gain some financial support from its readers like this. Should you be interested in supporting The Finland Herald and run an advertising campaign on-site, The Finland Herald is more than happy to discuss the possibilities. Please contact the publisher at info@verkkotrio.fi.

The Finland Herald will not let advertisement campaigns affect its content, nor will Herald run campaigns which are presented as news. The advertisements are required to be clearly identified as such and the advertisements must comply with legal requirements. Audio format ads are not accepted, nor any other format which includes audio. Popup and popunder ads are not accepted. Landing pages must not use a redirect in any format.


Editor in Chief
Victor A. Lausas

The Finland Herald


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